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Learn Blitz allows you to instantly jump into learning. Try the demo and see if you like it!

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Learning Without Forgetting

Learn Blitz models the human brain and brings back material at the right time so you never forget.

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Learn Quickly

Learn Blitz's self adapting algorithm maximizes the amount of material you learn in the least amount of time.

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Freedom to Learn

Learn Blitz allows you to customize what you want to learn giving you freedom in your quest for knowledge.

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American Sign Language

We are happy to announce the availability of the American Sign Language demo. Try it out! We hope to develop it into a full product and we want to get you input!

What Would You Like to Learn?

Learn Blitz is putting together a suite of tools to help you learn. We are currently developing American Sign Language and plan and we plan to go into other areas. What would you like to learn? Let us know here .

Potential Products

Sign Language
Sign Language Numbers
Do you have someone dear to you in the deaf community? Learn Blitz is developing a tool to help you communicate with them.
Classic Literature
Classic Literature, Shakespeare, Bible
From Shakespeare's plays to the Bible and much more. Learn Blitz is developing a tool for memorizing passages, verses, lines and more from your favorite works of literature.
Bible Verses
The Bible
Quickly memorize verses from the Bible for you Sunday School, Awanas, etc. Commit your favorite passages to memory so you can meditate on them whenever you have a moment.
Origami Picture
Do you want to become an expert in making any origami fold, animal, or animal? Learn Blitz is developing a tool for you to memorize any origami design you like.
Advanced English
Do you want to nail your SAT, ACT, GRE or any other test that is thrown your way? Learn Blitz is developing the tool for you to ace the vocabulary section.