Why Learn Blitz

Learn What You Want

Most learning platforms have a structured curriculum. Learn lesson one, and then proceed to lesson two. At Learn Blitz we’re willing to bet that you’re here because you’re a self motivated learner. You’ve chartered your own course and made your own curriculum.

At Learn Blitz you can skip the things that you’re not interested in. We allow you to be picky about what you put into your brain. We allow you to add the lessons that apply to your interests.

Quick Learning

Learn Blitz’s teaching methods are based upon the human brain. The human brain learns by being introduced to a topic and actively thinking about the topic in the future so that the memories are not lost.

Getting the timing right so that the maximum number of new topics can be covered in the intervals between the needing to review what has been learned is what makes learning quick. Learn Blitz currently uses the peer reviewed Spaced Repetition Learning Method. However Learn Blitz is committed to improving upon this method in the future.

Never Forget What You Learn

On the last day of class when you take the final you are an expert in the content. However six months later you’ve forgotten a vast majority of what you’ve learned. Why? The simple reason is that the human brain has an amazing capacity to forget.

The human brain also has an amazing capacity to learn. There are certain people that have memorized entire volumes of books, or Jeopardy champions that seem to have an instant knowledge of any subject. In many circumstances there is nothing extraordinary about these grandmasters of learning. The extraordinary lies instead in the way in which they learn. Specifically the way in which they review what they’ve learned.

Learn Blitz uses a “Spaced Repetition Algorithm” which allows you to have instant recall on everything that you learn. Never forget! If you had instant recall on everything that you’ve ever learned you would in be the same league with these learning masters.